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The Mosaik Foundation was founded in 2007 by parents and professionals with a intention to create an artistic platform for people with intellectual disabilities who wanted to work professionally and on full time with dance and theatre.

In April 2008 a group of eight actors with intellectual disabilities participated in a pilot project. This first production was created in collaboration with Teater Sláva. In six intensive weeks the theatre piece Orpheus and Eurydice was made. The show premiered April 24, 2008 at the Ethnographic Museum at the seminar EVERYONE’S RIGHT TO STAGE.

Since January 2009 Mosaikteatern has been a full-time business, beginning with six actors in the ensemble, and now 13 full-time participants and several supervisors with an artistic background in dance and theatre. During the theatre’s 4 years, seven different stage productions been developed. Ad to that video performances and workshops.

Mosaic Theatre is a daily occupation which give every participating actor possibility to develops there special skills in performing arts.

All actors have an intellectual disability.

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